MK Farm Drainage Specialists, LLC

Our story began in 2009 when Harold Poignant, Jr. purchased a small Vermeer trencher and got his start in the drainage industry. In 2011, Harold and his brothers Colton and Aaron partnered up to establish Poignant Bros. Farm Drainage, and the company quickly grew. Demand was high thanks to the company’s reputation for quality work, prompt service, and professional approach, regardless of the size of the project. In 2017, in order to meet high demand, the brothers divided the business into two partner companies: MK Farm Drainage Specialists and C&A Farm Drainage. Harold runs MK Farm Drainage Specialists, which specializes in complete system plow jobs. The two younger Poignant brothers at C&A Farm Drainage focus on tile repairs and trenching jobs. Together, the brothers and their crews are all in on taking care of your drainage needs, from tile holes to complete systems and everything in between. The Most Trusted Guys in the Business! about us 2 DEMAND WAS HIGH THANKS TO THE COMPANY’S REPUTATION FOR QUALITY WORK, PROMPT SERVICE, AND PROFESSIONAL APPROACH.